MIFA Metal Portable 30W Bluetooth Speaker With Super Bass Wireless speaker Bluetooth4.2 3D Digital Boombox Column loudspeaker

Product Code: MIFA Metal Portable 30W Bluetooth Speaker With Super Bass Wirele
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Product Description

 Product Description 

Product name: Mifa A20 Portable  Bluetooth Speaker

Applicable with: indoor and outdoor
Fit for: Bluetooth device phone and computer
Output Power:30W


Product model: Mifa A20
Product Material: metal
Assembly method: with Instructions books

Product size: W190×D48×H66mm

Battery: 4000mAh lithium



Not able to connect to your device?
1. Restart the speaker and try again
2. If your device requires a pin code, please enter 0000

Keeps cutting out when playing?
1. Ensure the speaker is within the operating range and there are no obstacles between the speaker and the device

Not able to play the music in Micro SD card?
1. Ensure the format of the Micro SD card is FAT32. It only supports FAT32 Micro SD card
2. Ensure the formats of the music files are APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA or MP3

No sound when playing?
1. Adjust the volume of the speaker
2. Adjust the volume of your device
3. Check if the speaker is paused

No sound in AUX-in mode?
1. Ensure the audio cable is connected

Not able to turn on?
1. Charge the speaker for about 3 hours

No response to any operation
1. Try to reset the speaker by pressing the reset button in the AUX-in jack

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